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The Vision

It was almost as if were dreaming, but yet I could feel every sensation around
me, the aroma of life was real in this place.
I could detect
the smells of salts from the beach and the moist wood from the surrounding
Seeking for the skies I was saw a clouded heaven,
pregnant with rain and misery, water in the air.
It was the
final breathe of the world.
It was La Push.

"No, Samuel! That's not fair ',I got you!" I
heard a little girl sequel from my left side. Despite her volume, her voice was
still dearly soft and innocent as if nothing had ever corrupted her immaculate
I turned to face her, and at my first glance I was
furthermore astonished.
She was no more than 4, she had
glowing rosette skin that shimmed in the sunlight, and long chocolate hair,
flapping in the chilled sea breeze.
She was beautiful with
all known grace and tranquillity. I followed her around the yard, watching her
chasing another child. Of what might appear of her elder brother.
I studied them with envious eyes, wondering how one could have
produced such precious children. They were simply darling.

In their freedom of youth and innocent I shed
a few laughs and overwhelming sensations, but yet I remained unnoticed, as if
were invisible to them. Perhaps I were a dreaming.

The moment ended with a ring of a bell from within a red house to
the right. The voice that scurried the toddlers for supper was familiar and
rough, but nurturing them, I recognised the voice from the depth of my heart.

The air slowing fogged, smudging the trees
and the clouds, warping me into a completely different scenario.
I spun to my knee crashed to the earth, confused on what was
honestly happening. There was no way I was not dreaming this. Awfully like the
Wizard of Oz.
Catching my bearings, I rose to my feet,
gathering my breath , absorbing my fresh and unknown surroundings.
I in the middle of a drive away, peaking into a misted winter
window of the same red cottage as the previous dream.
I saw a
teenage girl arguing strongly, her figure fully developed. She has the same dark
skin as the tiny toddler. In exempt she gave up she stormed of the tarnished
front door, storming straight towards me, completely delirious to my existence.

"Sarah! Come back in here now!" A furious
voice yelled from within the shack.
The teenager was not
affected from the threatening words, and simply replied with a emotionless tone;
“Sure Sure."
I remained focused on her, she reminded me
strongly of a person I knew, but I couldn't pin point it.
looked up and smiled from her heart. I believed for a second that perhaps she
could see me, but a gravel shaking footstep rumbled behind me.
Twisting, I saw a strong man waiting for her, sharing the same
smile. He was smitten from head to toe.
With only cut-off
jeans and water droplets in his hair he reached for her, aching for her embrace.

I could tell instantly that we very much older than her,
presumably 5 years.

Soon enough I noticed
the pattern on his forearm. This symbol I knew right away. It was the mark of
the wolf.
The Quiltte werewolf tattoo, just like Jacob's.

"Sarah" He moaned.
She complied.

"Uley!" The same yell called
from the house, more worried than furious.

"Come on, let's go" He whispered in her ear.

There love reminded me of my sincere love for
Edward Cullen. That love that overruled what others said, did and though, it was
just there and the only thing you could do was love them back and pray for them
to hold you for forever.

Teenage love.

The night began shaking
once more, and the stars as well of the red cottage blurred from the my sights,
spinning me and teleporting me.

As the
ground settled, I looked up for what I hoped was the last time.
I noticed again that I stood ajacent the faded red cottage again.
Yet this time, the cottage was starting to fully show its age, with the window a
light brown colour, the red paint pale from the blazing sun and the tin sheets
as the roof was infected with a serious case of rust. However the cottage
reflected a love story, a life , a story.

On the back portch were two figures, placed sitting in rocking
chairs with a pot of tea between them. With a blankets warming their knees. They
were a elderly couple, smiling at each other in their trimph, as if, all in
their life each other was the only treasure.

The man caressed her rosie check, her chocolate eyes glamouring
his face finding all her faith by plainly looking at him.

I yet again weeped, wishing that I had a small sum of what they
had. Unlimited happiness and virtue. They owned the world and nothing could rock
I wanted to feel the same way. I want to be as happy as
they are.

I finished with a smile as I
felt the world begin closing with a large white ray of white.

"Bella,Bella are you okay?" A echoeing noice
bellowed down into my dream.

Then I woke up with a click. I understood

Bouncing out of bed, ignoring Edward lying on
my covers. With no time to spare I grapped my keys and sprinted to my truck.

Edward beat me to it, as freaking usual.

"What's up Bella? What is wrong? Where are you
going?"He pressed, and a frown forming in his perfect forehead.

The ringtone of his cell distracted his
confrontations. Sighing in defeat he reached fro his pocket, obviously to

Already knowing who were ringing I
ran to my truck, afraid that I may loose myself to short. It was only a matter
of seconds before Alice tells him that my future gone and Edward stops me.

But Luck was in my hand Roving down the street
before he even had the chance to hang up, I heard him yell for me.

I dared not look back at
the lover I shall leave behind.

I knew
where I was heading, and I promised this time I shall stayed.

I made my choice.I choose life. I chose Jacob.

In that short time, I saw our life
together, and I am Happy and I love him.

I apologise for the lamness of this fanfiction, I havent written in a very long time. But I have made room to improve. If you like comment or have any suggest please comment.
I would like to apologise for any grammical or spelling errors, you could say that it's not my speciality.

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